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ITP Media Group announces the launch of social media agency, ITP IGNITE


ITP Media Group has today announced the launch of its latest division, ITP Ignite.... Read Article

Eid Al Fitr 2017, First Online Ad Campaigns


The first online ad campaigns for Eid Al Fitr have been revealed in this OOXmonitor exclusive report... Read Article

Egypt & Kuwait: OOXmonitor Reveals First Ramadan Online Ad Campaigns


This is the second installment of the OOXmonitor Ramadan Reports.This time we will be focusing on the Egyptian and Kuwaiti online ad markets. Read Article

OOXmonitor Reveals First Ramadan Online Ad Campaigns


This report has picked five online ad campaigns launched on the first day of the month of Ramadan, in the UAE and Saudi Arabia... Read Article

How to Forecast Ramadan Ad Activity?


How to forecast Ramadan competitive online advertising activity based on OOXmonitor’s historical data? Read the simple steps in this article to reveal a wealth of competitive data related to activities conducted during the month of Ramadan. Read Article

2016 Online Ad Spends & Trends, 2017 Outlook


OOX has released the much-awaited ‘online ad spends & trends, and 2017 outlook’ industry report. In its fourth edition, the report showcases exclusive data and insights... Read Article

OOX Wins CNN Parent Company Account, Turner


Turner, the company behind CNN and the Cartoon Network has officially become a subscriber of OOXmonitor, OOX announces... Read Article

ITP Live Announces First 26 Signings


ITP Live, the new digital division of ITP Media Group, today announced the first 26 personalities that have signed to its social influencer agency. With a combined audience of more than 5.6 million followers,... Read Article

New 'MethBot' Ad-Fraud Scam Hits Programmatic


A new advanced 'Ad-Fraud' scam has hit the digital programmatic advertising industry according to WhiteOps.... Read Article


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