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Nakheel - Online Once More?

23.May.11 | OOXmonitor News Close

After a year’s drought of online advertisements in 2010, Nakheel has released its new ‘Pay Less, Stay More’ campaign. The banners, advertising lowered rent on Nakheel properties International City and Discovery Gardens, were published on Dubizzle.com earlier this month.

Updates from Gulf News and The National have it that the real estate developer is currently under financial restructuring. The company is striving to set its plans in motion for paying contractors and completing projects for customers.

As the company is pushing for recapitalization, using online media should be a cost-effective means of marketing its properties. Early on in 2008, before the crisis, Nakheel already had robust online advertising activity. Now that Nakheel is in the process of getting back on its feet, will we begin seeing more of its ads online once more? The answer, of course, we leave for time to tell.

By Staff Reporter

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