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Ad Network, UAE - Dubai


Adintop FZ LLC is the largest and fastest growing arabic display Network in the region offering access to millions of consumers mainly from the Middle East and North Africa reaching more than 24 million unique users and serving more than 750 million monthly Ad impressions through latest and break-through technologies targeting consumer interests and geographic places in addition to measuring and tracking every single action made by the user from the publisher's website to the advertiser's conversion page.


Adintop offers different types of campaigns that suit the client business model and campaign purpose from branding to traffic generation and performance based campaigns .


By managing more than 30 high ranked GCC Arabic websites and covering a variety of content categories our advertising network provides the opportunity to reach consumers based on what they like, whether sports enthusiasts, early adopters, health and beauty conscious or avid social networks.


Our goal is to help our clients reach a wider well-targeted audience using our solutions through innovative products serving campaign objectives combined with advanced audience targeting (Source: Adintop).