Facebook Fixes Error in Video Metric

25.Sep.16. OOX News Channel

Facebook has angered Adgroups when it has recently admitted to an error in its calculation of Video ad views duration, which has significantly favored its platform over competitors.

The metric in question ‘average duration of video viewed’ was omitting all video views that were less than three seconds long. This has led to an overestimation of the views by up to 80% according to a source at Publicis.

To exemplify, a Video ad campaign that was viewed 10,000 times on facebook.com had its average watch time calculated on the basis of views in excess of three seconds, which has automatically inflated Facebook’s Video ad watch time.

According the wsj.com the calculation error was reported earlier by Facebook to select Agencies, however the Agencies demanded for more transparency which culminated in Facebook’s official announcement on the 26th of September.

The industry quickly reacted to the announcement with many calling Facebook, Google and Twitter to allow third party verification.

Read Facebook’s official announcement here.

Read the Industry’s reaction: bbc.com, ft.com, wsj.com

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