How Does a Data Management Platform Work For Marketers, Anyway?

14.Dec.17. OOX

Fouad Bedran

Fouad Bedran, co-founder of OOX, discusses how Data Management Platforms (DMPs) target specific users and what their advantages and disadvantages are, during the Brands article edition appeared in the November 2017 issue of Gulf Marketing Review. 

By Fouad Bedran, co-founder of OOX 

For the uninitiated, Data Management Platforms or DMPs are specialized ad technologies that allow companies to collect user data for the purpose of potentially serving the same users online advertisements that are more relevant to them.

The objective is ultimately to improve the performance of advertisements in the sense that targeted users will see and interact better with ads they deem more relevant to them.

It sounds all altruistic, right? Not so. Over many years of online ad practice, advertisers used to rely on clicks as a broad measurement of campaign performance. With time, clicks have dwindled due to a variety of reasons leading to a drop in measurable interaction between web users and online advertisements.

One of the industry’s answers to this situation has been, among other efforts, the exploitation of the user data which is currently largely harvested thanks to the famous (inedible) cookie; A sort of a mini-document that sits deep in your web browser and records your user behavior.

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