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28.Aug.14. OOXmonitor.com

OOX have announced the addition of a new service aimed at TV Planners: OOXmonitor for TV Planners. The service provides TV Planners with access to its unique database of Competitive Video Advertising Intelligence across a multitude of websites, namely YouTube.com, Shahid of mbc.net covering all IAB Video related formats such as Pre-rolls, In-banner Videos (MPU, Expanding, Portrait, Billboard) throughout the three main markets in the GCC: UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

OOXmonitor will help TV Planners and Advertisers alike track their competition beyond the traditional TV screen! In the past, Video Ads were called TV Commercials because they exclusively appeared on the TV Screen. Today, Video Commercials are screen agnostic and Advertisers in the GCC have already invested millions of dollars on YouTube and Shahid, in addition to embedding their Videos Commercials in all sorts of online banners across the web.

Internet Advertising Revenue in 2013 exceeded broadcast television advertising revenues for the first time in the United States, according to the IAB. “It is only a matter of time before Internet Advertising Spend exceeds broadcast television in the GCC”, says Fouad Bedran, OOX co-managing director. He adds, “The utilization of Video ads in the UAE market has recorded a staggering 53% growth in 2013 vs. 2012 and a 77% growth vs. 2011”.

OOXmonitor’s database currently sits on a vast and unique repertoire of video ad intelligence composed of 2,000+ campaigns booked by more than 450 Advertisers across all Categories.

Top10 Most active Companies using Video Format in the GCC*




Procter & Gamble


Pepsi Co.








Saudi Telecom









*Period from Jan to July, 2014;

Representative Markets: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait;

Source: OOXmonitor.com

About OOX

OOX is the first competitive advertising monitoring service for online media in the MENA region, launched in 2007. The  business value of the OOX services ranges from helping deliver vital data leading to more advertising revenue for Digital Publishers, to better competitive knowledge for Media Agencies, better business results for Advertisers and more inspiration for Creative Agencies. The data is deployed via OOX's web based proprietary application OOXmonitor.com

In addition to the competitive online advertising monitoring, OOX offers Alerts, Reports on Demand, Ad Verification, Creative Ad Bank and Video Ad reporting. OOX subscribers are composed of leading Media Agencies, Advertisers, Websites, Media Houses, Ad Networks, Advertising Agencies and Creative Agencies.

OOX is passionate about online advertising and is committed to providing the industry in the MENA region with the best competitive advertising visibility!

To subscribe to OOXmonitor, please email support@ooxme.com or call +971 4 4334924.

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