OOX launches Online Advertising Monitoring

16.Aug.08. out-n-out online xperts

Today out-n-out online xperts (OOX) have marked the advertising industry in the region by launching the first online advertising monitoring and alerts service in the Middle East: OOXmonitor.com

At last, Advertisers and Agencies alike can complement their competitive reports and analysis with online advertising data derived from a multitude of local, regional and international websites. Moreover, online advertising players and their agencies can stay updated in quasi-real time on the latest competitive online advertising initiatives. 

OOX have developed a tailor-made user-friendly tool to cater to the specific needs and demanding requirements of the marketing and advertising industry. And what a better way than the omnipresent world wide web to deliver the service ‘on demand’ and have the data updated without interrupting the users.

The strength of OOXmonitor not only derives from its well-thought design but also from the strength of its database that goes back to October 2007! This record of data allows new users not only to benefit from current updates but also to review and analyze past relevant data.

Additionally, our online media-marketing experience coupled with the latest web technology has allowed us to add depth and flexibility to the data in terms of quality content, value, search simplicity and service choices. For example, OOXmonitor records the banners’ click website addresses for in-depth competitive intelligence and allows the users to download the banners in Image or Flash format for creative analysis. In parallel, OOXmonitor has the ability to deliver the most innovative alerts such as errors in campaign execution, message content and competitive clashes.

OOXmonitor is an innovative concept that has been designed to service the advertising industry with a current focus on the UAE market. The UAE has become our first ‘monitored’ market due to the fact that it is the home of the largest cluster of digital and online media agencies in the region. The UAE is also the leading market in the region in terms of online advertising activity, investments, initiative and usage.

To learn more about the OOXmonitor services or to subscribe, click here.

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