OOX participate in the Internet Show Abu Dhabi

05.Oct.10. OOX News

OOX took part in last year's Internet Show Abu Dhabi. The two-day event was, among other things, a much needed meet-up between people from the online industry here in MENA. For OOX, it set the stage for showcasing what Monitoring is all about.

OOX’s monitoring service, being a new concept in the online advertising landscape, is something most industry professionals are still unfamiliar with. Having a booth at the Internet Show gave the team a chance to raise awareness about this unique tool. This is one of the best things about Internet Show; it serves as an arena for up and coming players, as well as keeping the rest of the industry updated with the latest developments for online marketing.

It was awesome for the team to get to catch up with their clients. It was good fun, too, to meet other members of the industry and build new connections.  

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