Search Engine Ad Monitoring for MEA is ON!

05.Dec.17. OOX


OOX has done it again and becomes the first MEA based company to launch a 'Search Advertising Monitoring' service designed for the region! We've called it WOXOMO, pronounced 'wozomo'.

WOXOMO uses the latest in ad tech and delivers awesome results across a multitude of hot KPIs that are sought after by SEM advertisers and agencies.

WOXOMO's cutting-edge ad tech allows users to benefit from 100% local results versus any other non-MEA based service, thanks to our advanced infrastructure. Additionally, WOXOMO has been optimized to deliver real results beyond English, specifically for Arabic عربي among other local languages. And of course, it is both Desktop/Laptop and Mobile enabled.

WOXOMO is readily available for subscription and covers the following markets: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and KenyaNew.

You can go ahead and have a sneak peek by visiting, or sign-up for the free 7 days trial.

To contact us, please visit or call +97145511669.


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