TailWind strengthens its position in MEA With Mohammad Khartabil as Regional Managing Director

18.Feb.14. TailWind, Press Release

Athens & Dubai, February 18, 2014:TailWind EMEA, the specialized Ad-Tech Solutions Company of TDG, expands its operations in the MEA region, with the appointment of Mohammad Khartabil, who will fulfill the role of Regional Managing Director.

Above: Mohammad Khartabil

Mohammad, who joins TailWind’s office in Dubai, is a true innovator in the field of Digital Media. In 2005, he co-founded ikoo, one of the first online display networks in the region and 6 years later he was the driving force behind ikoo’s performance affiliated network. Finally, in 2013 he worked on the launch of RewardCraze, a social rewarding startup.

TailWind energizes publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies to cut through the complexity of digital business and drive their business forward. It is the preferred partner of Appnexus for over 30 countries in CE & SE Europe & MEA, as well as the partner of Sizmek in CE and SE Europe.

About TDG

TDG is a leading Digital Marketing Group in CEE, SE Europe & MEA. TDG’s four companies are ThinkDigital, ForestView, ShoppingNetwork and TailWind EMEA who are working with international and local partners such as Facebook, MSN, Skype, Appnexus, Channel Advisor and Sizmek to effectively serve advertisers, publishers and consumers across the region. TDG employs more than 100 digital marketing professionals across its several offices in the region.

For more info:

E-mail: mea@tailwindemea.net

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