Winning by numbers: OOX’s Fouad Bedran provides his top 10 pitch tips

11.Feb.18. Campaign Middle East
Fouad Bedran, co-founder of OOX, shares his top 10 tips for effectively using digital advertising intelligence in a pitch, featured during the media intelligence and monitoring article edition in the February 2018 issue of Campaign Middle East.  

By Fouad Bedran, co-founder of OOX 

Media professionals tend to have little time to turn around a media pitch, which could put their agency at risk of a weak delivery on the pitch day. Here are a few tips from a digital advertising intelligence perspective that can quickly and effectively bring the pitch team up to speed with their subject brand and the competitive environment.

1. Research the category well. There are hundreds of categories and subs that are active online, and each category behaves differently. Generally, an agency pitches for a category that is not represented in its current client list, which is why it is very important for the pitch team to learn the category inside out. The team has very little time to bridge the knowledge gap compared with the incumbent agency, which has had at least a year to build its category knowledge.

2. Research the brand and its key competitors. Re-construct the brand’s media plan by campaign and review its strengths and weaknesses. Remember that media plans are designed by media planners and approved by clients. This should help the pitch team quickly uncover brand strategies and add a lot of ideas and insights to the pitch process.

3. The ad placement mix can reveal a lot of information. Do not neglect to analyse the ad placement selection on a category and brand level. The placement can yield precious information about the target audience. Benchmark your findings versus the briefed target audience. Ask questions: are websites used as per the usual mix or not? Would you have selected the same approach if the brand was yours? Are there any new name websites, ad networks (e.g. Google Display Network) or TV substitutes (such as YouTube), and why?

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